Sunday, September 25, 2011

I love my great little niece, no, I mean my great niece who is little - eight years old. This morning she asked me, through chat, what I've been busy with. I sent her the links to the new Teaching Moment Videos.

She is notorious for her brutal honesty, as you will see, when you read her response to her first viewing of one of those videos:

"no afens but it sounds like you have goss in your mouth"

It took me a few minutes to decipher but it goes like this: "no offense but it sounds like you have gauze in your mouth".

Now, I'm really concerned! I've waited a very long time to get these messages out and if you all are not even able to understand them, well, that's quite a waste of time - I would say.

Are you having the same results on your computers with the videos? I would be very interested to know.

Just be as honest as my special little niece, who by the way, really LOVES me :)

Thank you for your help!!

Izzy Herriette & Co/Ginger Renken

Friday, September 23, 2011

Step 1,2,3,4 ...

One step at a time ...

We are getting THERE!

Below is a LIST of the Teaching Moments Videos now available for your listening:

1) Trunk Treasures Introduction
2) Beyond A Sprout - Don't Miss Out!
3) Ascending Glory - Revelation
4) Great Company - A Price to Publish
5) Prophetic Word - July 4, 2007 - Prepare for ...

You don't want to miss out on the content within these videos. Caring for your spiritual well being is utmost in the mind of God for you today. Hear what He has imparted, by way of His Holy Spirit and by prophetic voice, to be shared with you.

We do have teaching videos available on facebook now. We're still working on the upload for this site. Until we master that ...


Izzy Herriette & Co/Ginger Renken

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Well, you know I'm hoping that someone is dropping in on this page; occasionally, anyway.

I can't believe how much time this all takes to do. That's why you "hire" experts or find people who just love you so much that they volunteer (I'm not one to hint at anything like that either - so don't even go there!).

My original intentions were to keep this blog separate for Trunk Treasure Teachings but I have found it very difficult to get my videos to upload in this format. Therefore, I've resorted to the majority of completed videos, thus far, being placed on You Tube and on my You Tube Channel. (Just making you aware of that for the time being until such time as I can work something out for the exclusivity of this site.)

I do like the idea of You Tube putting the teachings from Izzy Herriette & Co out there on a more public venue. We'll have to see how things go as - we go. And by the way, this is a sheer walk in, not the park, but in faith; a step by step thing that we're following Him in. Glory! We don't know what may show up here even tomorrow!

As you can tell by browsing the page, I did manage to upload one video. This particular one is included on the You Tube sites and you will find a few more posted there now as well.

Our prayer is that you come to know Izzy Herriette & Co a little better through these teachings and it is after all, a fulfillment of obedience on our part - to do what we we've been called to do!

Hope you find something to encourage, uplift and/or instruct you!

Blessing to you all!


Saturday, September 17, 2011

For Him Only ...

Actually, this was not supposed to be a video for "publishing"!! This was me trying out the camera that really isn't one for recording great video to begin with and thinking, "If my eight year old grandson can successfully take video of Grandma teaching then a much older Grandma had at least better try to take a 'stab' at it."

Lighting, makeup, hair, dress, look this way and not that and on the list goes; that all apart from the fact that I have no idea what I'm doing video-and-IMovie -wise!

When you get to be my age maybe you throw caution to the wind just a bit too much. So this take was never intended to be taken seriously or taken for public viewing, however, I just love the "flow of the Holy Spirit" and how He shows up so effortlessly - not caring about anybody's program/format/agenda - He fills and He talks and He just shares of His love ... and I love that about HIM!

So, I decided to toss my reputation to someone else to worry about and just let this be what it was; an intimate little Spirit-led moment - okay - 14 moments!

Izzy Herriette & Co - Just being ourselves!

The song in the background, Come With Me, is a little snip-it of the song the LORD gave me back in 1979, when He spoke that "calling" into my life. Yes, and this grandmother is learning Garage Band as well as IMovie.

I'm really not as old as I make myself out to be.

For a viewing of the video that offers more options:

Be blessed.

Izzy Herriette & Co

Monday, September 12, 2011

Clip-it, clip-it, clip-it ...

I am more excited than I can find words to describe! A lifelong dream has finally come true and it's just another added to the already long list of fulfilled desires, compliments of Psalm 37:4, and a God who never breaks covenant with His people.

Izzy Herriette & Co is officially beginning a "teaching site" and it has been years in the coming!

Women will be the only ones who can answer this question (Well, today, I guess that's not completely true.). Anyway, I ask you, "Have you ever been pregnant and gone WAY PAST your due date?" Well, let me tell you that's how I've felt all these years, carrying this vision around in my spirit; over thirty years to be precise and I promised myself last evening that I would STOP making reference to that "thirty thing"!

So as you can well imagine it is an enormous relief to be birthing this "over-due" vision today - Sept. 12, 2011 - mark it down on the calendar!

If I wasn't so serious when it comes to the preaching and teaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ, I'd say, "Let's get this show on the road - now!"

I am however, very serious, when it comes to anything to do with the LORD and His work.

I share with you that if I've learned nothing else in the Lord, I've learned that He calls upon us to do things we never knew we were capable of doing.

I've also acquired a new understanding of "DIY" - yes - in the LORD! Can you imagine? lol

I discovered, after being miserably bound by my circumstances and confined to limitations facing me, realistically, God began to move me under the unction of the Holy Ghost (1 John 2:20 - for those of you who don't yet know - yes, there is such a thing) and I began to come out of my entrapment.

He never ceases to amaze me with His wonderful maneuverings in my life!

His leadership is like NO OTHER!

What would I ever do and where would I be without Him?

I refuse to "go there".

I am by no means misleading you to a false, preconceived idea that all of this came easily because it was anything but; until I stopped screaming, crying and throwing my tantrums daily and at five minute intervals. Then He could direct me. I also won't deceive you into thinking that all of "that" has been "put away" now; I don't know as yet for sure.

I must say that having stepped into this "birthing" at this time, is much like stepping out of a lost place, and into a place where I feel as though I've always belonged.

Sometimes, when people think on the scripture " ... all things are possible with God," they make the mistake of interpreting that to say, "God will do what I can't". It is very clear to me after these many years of following Him, that the meaning is more, "If I'm willing to step into what He reveals to me, He will be with me, and together with His power, direction and supernatural added to my natural; we will accomplish something otherwise impossible unto me."

When God speaks, if we will obey, He will make a way where there seems to be NO WAY! He will open doors that no man can open and close doors that no man can close.

Early on in my walk with the LORD, by the Holy Spirit's leading, He opened my understanding to this portion of the Word of God and I began, immediately, to live it out. To this day, I still love these beautiful, promised words of His, to all who will receive them:

Isaiah 40:18-21 - Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert. The beast of the field shall honour me, the dragons and the owls, because I give waters in the desert to give drink to my people, my chosen. This people have I formed myself; they shall shew forth my praise.

These "trunk treasures" come from a manifestation in my life of those very words spoken. Everything that will be shared here, on this blog, came from "that place" - in HIM!

All artwork, camera, video and blog creation have been done by none other than myself with the guidance of the One I love MOST.

I give credit to Kathleen Herman - manager (friend) @ River City Trading Post, Jenks, OK - for the background photo displayed on the blog. (Thank you, so much, Kathleen! Vintage girls have to stick together. Love all of Kathleen's photos, decorating and design.) I actually chose this photo because it represents the "windows of golden heaven to enter into". I loved, also, the overgrowth surrounding the windows and the fact that it is weathered and unattended to; representing the fact that the the windows of heaven, open to us at all times, are neglected by so many!

I want to mention two young girls, who are on the long-time waiting list with me, for their artwork to be used with Izzy Herriette & Co: Michaela Beckman (who has already done much, much work for me and earned herself a new camera that she wanted) and Hannah Brooke (who has been more than patient with me but is still believing - I think.) Looking forward to "fruition" girls!

I am so thankful for new friends through the internet, who have availed their photography to me, solely @ the cost of the mention of their name. WOW! What a wonderful people are "out there" to meet and hook up with today.

So ... shall we let the teaching BEGIN ... on Trunk Treasures/Eternal Jewels Sparkling - Teaching Moments With Izzy Herriette & Co ...

I look FORWARD to sharing with you, right here!

Blessings and love you.

Izzy Herriette