Sunday, January 1, 2012

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It goes without saying that Christmas and Thanksgiving, are (for us), centered around LOVE and this stemming from the ONE and ONLY perfect LOVE!!

His LOVE has completely changed my life and so when I celebrate what He's done for me - and that's everyday of my life - it comes out in everything I do!

He has added RICH to my life and I don't speak those words in monetary terms, although, I know that He is all about that as well and I'm so thankful that He's that KIND of a GOD!!

He has brought "increase" to my LIFE that words cannot be attached to fully!

He lights up the DARKNESS always!

He brings COLOR and VIBRANCE to everything!

The DULL leaves and the GLISTENING comes forth in FULL measure and without limitations!

He brings forth ideas, oh yes, all manner of ideas and "witty inventions"!

I attribute ALL of my creativity to HIM!

HE is my FATHER and HE fathers me as well!

We are still working out the kinks in these pretty little Joey Buoy - Prophetic Booklets with CD, recorded by my eight-year-old Grandson, Ethan! CD is completed now, in the month of Dec 2011. We're almost ready for a release and we are excited! We want ALL to hear what the LORD had to say on March 18, 2011, immediately following the earthquake in Japan on March 11, 2011.

Another "creation" for Rugged (Cross) Country for Hanger #6617 - Izzy Herriette & Co.

My life is FULL, full, FULL!


I never know ahead of time what HE will reveal at any given moment and the days, as you're fully aware, consist of MANY, MANY moments ... therefore ...

The creativity FLOWS!!

I met some truly wonderful people this season, just out of my desire to attain these little "crates" from the produce department at department stores!! There are some really sweet and accommodating people - still - in this world!!

Dressing up the "everyday" with just a little Christmas greenery (fresh) makes everything feel brand new and oh, so special.

Antique soft, pink ribbon and what a touch of fancy!

Antique Christmas books ... with greenery ... childlike ... reminder of my childhood!

I was elated this year, when all that I envisioned, was manifest "perfectly" in the finished products; that's a RARE thing!

I sensed and witnessed in the natural, a supernatural anointing on Christmas in our home this year!

I was actually able to meet ALL that I had "set forth" as a goal for myself this year! What a wonderful feeling!

The "little things" amount to so much to someone like me.

Work continues ... in the midst of all that comes with the "special time" of the year!

These are reminders to me of the young, the innocent, my SAVIOR when He came to the earth!

And how I see His tender loving care in these little "gowns" from the past - for some reason, probably, known only to me.

Such beauty to the "eye" of this beholder!

This tree remains up all through the year in my work area.

Christmas in my work spaces, makes it always to be a "celebratory" place to be.

Can't DO the holidays without the homemade, traditional "baking" and recipes that my family has come to hold in the highest of esteem, and mark as a foundation for our gatherings together - every year.

Fresh cranberry muffins, made in "popover tins," given me a few years ago, as a very special gift from my thoughtful, sweet and giving - husband.

Our family is growing, so it takes quite a lot of food to feed the crowd.

Our gift boxes this year were not quite what I wanted to do but they turned out great!

Silver and gold patterned sweater boxes, with silver and leopard print ribbon, left from last year. My daughter and I found these at the last minute - TJ Max!

These made my Christmas to very special this year!

I have been wanting to achieve these little, padded hearts for some time now.

They ended up far more than I thought they could/would!

The LORD is SO GOOD to me. Every year, believe this or not, HE literally directs my path in my decor. I located this bolt of fabric on the CLOSE-OUT rack at JoAnn Fabric Store. Even the clerk was greatly impressed with the LOW PRICE marked on this particular bolt. It was the ONLY one at this mere cost of $3.00 per yard. I so had to resist the temptation to buy the entire bolt. When I got it home, the texture, feel and colors just matched everything I was doing this year. I was STUNNED with JOY. And God loves me through things like this. I know, right?

I planted these greens, which I was blessed with by the sweet guy at that tree farm. He gave me all these huge branches for - wait for it - FREE! Then I was able to PURCHASE the little tree that I wanted, which was only $25.00 and worth EVERY PENNY; it brought me so much satisfaction!

This was one of my birthday gifts, with my birthday money. I splurged $20.00 on this candle, which I burned 24 hours a day (exaggerated but very close). Ever heard of the term "working by candlelight"? Well, it was true. And the aroma? MMMM good.

These curtains, I finally got "put up" this year. I found these beautiful tablecloths at Target, on the after Christmas sale a few years back. These are over 80" long and are of the highest quality! The original price (which I resisted at the beginning of the season) was $40.00. After Christmas, I bought four of five of them, for $5.00 a piece! WOW! What a blessing.

Just a little decor in one of the open drawers of by buffet, in my work space.

A Christmas gift bag from a few years ago, purchased in that "after Christmas sale" as well. I think I paid .50 for it. I thought it looked really splendid on the wall, directly behind the "little, pudgy tree" this year!!

Green boughs laid everywhere!

Some of my daughter's outdoor lights, brought inside and on loan to her mother.

More of those "sprinkled" greens. Man, I SO loved that sweet gentleman who gave these to me. We did give him a good tip too, BTW.

These are those tablecloths, acting as curtains this year. The string of lights are the ones I mentioned above - my daughter's.

And THIS ... is my tree!! And THIS is my new pillow design, with that WONDERFUL $3.00 a yard fabric. LOVE IT!!

A new pillow design.

I had to make my requested chocolate covered, nut filled, popcorn! My daughter demanded it while we baked and decorated. Once at my family's home, I had to make another BATCH. It went OUT to family in Iowa, when my sister went home. The popcorn, the muffins, the gingerbread cookies, the sugar cookies, the almond cookies, the peanut-butter-blossom cookies, the chex-mix and more. Ridiculous, ha? Truly.

There was the trial gift bag for all of our baked goods to send out ...

These to hang from garlands throughout the house.

These were homemade gift tags from last year ... that didn't make it in time.

It was and is still a "design" for a file-box or journal cover. It will have to wait for another time of the year. Time ran out on me.

Ideas begin to emerge and the time to actually "create" all that I see .. well ...

Every year, after the holidays, I promise myself and my family that I won't do things the same the next year ... which means, basically, that I won't get the "bug" to bake, create, bake, create, decorate, create and spazz out over what "unique" gifts we'll give each individual on our list. Every year ... I break that promise ... the minute the season begins to come around the corner ... I'm right there to do it all again!! Hopeless!

From trimming the tree this year ... our wonderful "fat and little" one ... that I'd dreamed of finding for quite some years ... dream come true in 2011! Perfect!

When I looked at the date on the last entry of this blog, well, I was a bit surprised! I had no idea that much time had slipped by since my last posting here. It's been very busy with the holidays, family, friends and all the traditional things we involve ourselves in at this time each year.