Saturday, October 29, 2011


Alright!! From the office of Izzy Herriette & Co ... this week:

Since I can't get videos to upload to this site ... still ...

It appears that we have evolved into a weekly recap of everything that's gone on around here.

We worked more on those Joey Buoy Booklets this week and finished another book in tag form.

We had an "additional message" posted this morning (Sat. Oct 29); speaking more on the subject addressed in the video "Ginger, how RED is that tree?" (Posted on You Tube Channel - Izzy Herriette / Teaching) Worth listening all the way through to!!

This week, the posting of the "prototype t-shirt" came with a digging out of a very old song from years ago with Izzy Herriette & Co.

And this would be that "prototype" ... very prototype image!! This happened to be my husband's "t" that he hung on my tripod and I knew it shouldn't have stayed there. See what happens to anything that hangs around my area for too long?

This we shared because ... I don't remember why. Oh, it was just a prop for the prototype. That's what it was! Yes, that's what it was.

Then there were the beautiful outdoor moments this past week!!

This again, was with that message from this morning!

WATCHMEN ON THE WALL - WHERE ARE YOU? Do read the article on the facebook wall of Izzy Herriette & Co/Ginger Renken.

Ok. I HAVE to share these because they are just so exciting to me!!

My tomorrow "nine year old" Grandson, helped me with this book during his visit this past summer; some of you may recall. He was elated that Grandma actually taught him to use the sewing machine and he actually was allowed to help her sew some of these books together.

Well, we've had a little secret all along, with these little books. Ethan was recorded (he was so honored) reading "author Grandma's" booklet - live. We did a studio set up for him and he was so nervous!! He took it all SO SERIOUSLY! Amazing little boy he is! So ... for his birthday ... Grandma and Grandpa are sending him a CD of photos of his recording, sewing and playing at our house this summer and an actual finished book. His family has no knowledge of this yet. He is going to be SO EXCITED!!

And because you are considered "family" here with us at Izzy Herriette & Co ... we SHARE these things with you!

I am just really liking these colors, textures and everything about this project.

And of course, we can't forget that this is a SERIOUS project, as it is a prophecy given me in March of 2011 - shortly after the earthquake in Japan.

The LORD wanted the message placed in these little books, in hopes that you will get them and place them in a "priority prayer place" that every time you see it, you will be reminded to pray over the message contained within the pages!!

GOD is so SPEAKING to His CHURCH in the earth today!!

For those who have an ear to hear what the Spirit has to say!!

And this may just surprise you but I have found in teaching the content of my 647 page book Manifesto-Before the Cock Crows, that there are people outside of the LORD who are more interested in hearing than those inside!

Well, we will just continue to PRESS forward in EVERYTHING that He's calling us to do ... today and every day!!

We're hoping your weekend is going as well as ours is and that you are communing with Him in everything you do; just as we are!

Our LOVE and BLESSINGS to you and yours! See you next week!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Ok. So the weekend just officially began ...

So, I guess I'll sneak the rest of this past week's work in here ...

I didn't think you all would mind 2 much ...

And even if you did, well respectfully, I worked hard this week and just wanted to share the "fruits of my labour" ...

With YOU!!

Now, for the WEEKEND work!!


Son shining on YOU!

Izzy Herriette & Co/Ginger Renken

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Working "tags" into a "prophetic booklet" ...

Working "quilt" into flower and attaching to any place I can find because I like it so much!

Working through original photos for Manifesto-Before the Cock Crows ... written in 2004 ... photos taken on the hottest day of summer of 2007!

Working creating new photos ...

Running to complete those "tags" for the book ...

Pulling out old photo of my idea for logo for my someday "shop" ...

Working on final "put together" for O, Israel ... song we wrote and need to get out there ...

And ... still working those Trunk Treasures/Eternal Jewels Sparkling ... Teaching Moments with Izzy Herriette & Co ... videos for You Tube Channel.

Let's see ... what else?

It's been a busy week!

Hope you have yourself a glorious weekend in and with the LORD, family and friends.

Stay ALERT in these days, wont' you?

Blessings from Izzy Herriette & Co

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Uh oh! This is a photo from facebook today - someone else's photo - just remember I did make you aware of the fact!

When I saw this car today, with the #35 sign on the windshield, it immediately quickened the scriptures in Isaiah 35 to me. You can read it for yourself.

At the end of the chapter, I do believe it speaks of a supernatural highway for the redeemed of God to walk upon. Well, I've been walking on that highway for over thirty years now. What a highway it is!!

If you're interested, you can listen to a song I posted today on the Teaching Moments with Izzy Herriette & Co / You Tube page. You can read about the song and how it ties in with this article and why I would reference it here.

Here is the link for you:

I hope you can hear my heart above my voice in this little movie. The reason I posted all the pics I did is because He's given me every idea I've ever had, supplied me with what I needed to fulfill the ideas and His presence and instruction is behind/in everything I do.

Besides, many of you have shared how you like my photos, so ... you'll get your fill!!

Blessings to each of you for being a friend to Izzy Herriette & Co. Stick with us, please!! We have SO MUCH MORE TO SHARE from that Trunk of Treasures! And it's much that many, many need so to hear.

Here's that "writing" in case you miss it with the video:

This song, written and ministered by Izzy Herriette, is a remake of a song from fifteen years ago. She dedicates this to the faithful - LOVE of the ONE - who has watched over her all of her life. This melody, sung by Izzy last year, is a tribute to the past thirty-two years of ministry with HIM! Blessings and may you each have a "tribute song" to sing to the LORD as well.

Love you all!

Izzy Herriette

Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Sparkling Moment!

You know, I wear large rings and sometimes - okay most of the time - lots of jewelry and everywhere I go, I receive so many compliments on that jewelry.

Yesterday, while grocery shopping, the gal checking me out commented on a ring I was wearing. "Oh! I LOVE that ring you're wearing! It's SO pretty! I wish I could wear rings but I can't; my fingers are too short and stubby." I grabbed her hand, looked at her fingers and argued that she could wear anything she wanted to wear!!

After I paid my bill and was with both hands on the cart getting ready to head away from her counter, the Lord "quickened my spirit" and quicker than I knew what I was doing, I had turned back around, pulled the ring off my finger and laid it on her counter in front of her. She blurted out, "Oh, my gosh! I, I, I didn't mean for you to ... give me your ring!" I turned around and said, "WEAR IT NOW! PROMISE YOU'RE GOING TO WEAR IT!" She smiled a huge smile and called out across the store, "Thank you, thank you!"

The Lord certainly knows how to make my day; that was the best feeling! To see her face light up like that - priceless.

Later in the evening, the Lord began to minister to me more about that situation. He said, "Ginger, you gave her a temporal 'jewel' today! What if you had given her an 'eternal jewel'?

My heart sank and I wept, as I cried out before Him, "Lord, forgive me, please forgive me Father for withholding the 'good thing' from her!"

How many times people have commented on my appearance lately and on my jewelry. Each time, I could have used those compliments, as an open door to share the "eternal jewel" with them. I knew that He was ministering, even more to me, the reason He had chosen: Trunk Treasures/Eternal Jewels Sparkling - Teaching Moments with Izzy Herriette & Co. I could see more revelation of where He's leading with this.

God is so, so GOOD! He is our ETERNAL JEWEL SPARKLING!

I will share more in days to come.

Blessings to each of you.

Izzy Herriette & Co/Ginger Renken