Sunday, November 27, 2011

Time for "catching up" once again.

We're still working on the Rugged (Cross) Country - Joey Buoy Booklets.

Making more than one style available.

Thrilling to work freely and to incorporate what WE like, in hopes that we will find "like minded" ones out there, who will appreciate our taste.

The MOST important goal is "the message" be delivered!!

As you can see ...

It is a "busy" time of the year.

Much of what we're doing this year @ Izzy Herriette & Co, is a pullover from last year and we will add to it ... the 2011 NEW.

Creating everyday as we GO!

Always doing all that we do unto Him and with our loved ones in mind - with LOVE!!

Still appreciating ALL that He gives and has given in days gone by.

Yet one more booklet ...

Frilly ...

Again, the message matters MOST!

So appreciate the evergreen @ Christmas time, standing for the longevity of the LOVE of GOD!

Still stamping ...

Stamping and fabric layering ...

Stamps, tags and ...

Unique tags from Izzy Herriette & Co - Rugged (Cross) Country ...

Snowmen brighten the smiles while we're working sometimes.

Not growing weary of those stockings from 2010.

Piece of muslin and a little ink and ...

A little muslin, stamp and an antique bow ...

Our buffet tree ...

Those Joey Buoy "tags" lining up!

We need far, far MORE!!

OOh, the color, the texture, the bends and the rich threads ...

What would you fill this little bag with?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

How much can take place simultaneously and on such a "grand scale/stage"?

Oh, I pray that you are prayed up and looking up!!

"This is a monumental moment in the history of mankind!" (2004 - Prophetic spoken to me in year long revelation, documented now in book Manifesto-Before the Cock Crows.)

Prepare yourself "Bride of Christ" and prepare those around about you!



Izzy Herriette & Co/Ginger Renken

When I finally, truly came to the LORD, he began immediately to teach me by his word that HE is my ALL in ALL! Everything I need, I will find "in him"! There is nothing that I need that he doesn't have possession of, and that, he offers freely unto me.

So all of my needs are met. As a matter of fact, he goes far beyond meeting my needs and gives me the desires of my heart. Who does that for you?

I learned that "I am taken care of in him" and I have no need!

Now read these verses of scripture with me, if you will ...

Matt 20:26-28 - But it shall not be so among you, but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister; and whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant. Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many.

How is it that churches are FILLED to overflowing, still, with born-again folk needing to be ministered to; waiting in lines to be ministered to and sitting in pews to be ministered to, year after year after year?

There's plenty of wrong teaching in the Church, and people will never attain unto that which God truly has for them, with wrong teaching.

There is a "horn of plenty" for the Body of Christ but we must have right understanding in order to see it operating freely and fully among us!

Don't you think that "this day" requires that of us as Christians? Don't you believe the "world" needs to see the Church in proper uniform today?

Selah (Hebrew - Pause and calmly think on that.)

Then get up and go be a "minister" instead of sitting like a beggar or a pauper!!

We are NOT poor in Christ Jesus today!!

Blessings to ALL!

Izzy Herriette & Co/GInger Renken

So ...

2:20 a.m. ...

I am in a wonderful deep sleep, when ...

My husband is suddenly jumping out of bed SHOUTING, "It's an EARTHQUAKE! It's an EARTHQUAKE!!"

No kidding.

The house was literally rocking back and forth, back and forth, again and again.

There for a moment, it caused us all to wonder what it was going to "end up" doing.

Oddly, I was just thinking a few days ago, how blessed and fortunate we have been not to have been SO effected by any NATURAL DISASTER and how my heart and prayers go out to any and all who have been!!

I have experienced three other "shakes" like this in this establishment but this was the first for my husband and daughter. They were both UP and both SHOUTING!

Quite honestly, I wonder if I would have slept strait through had my husband not been so VOCAL!

Needless to say, we are very thankful that the ground remained in tact beneath us last night.


Job 19:25-27 - For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth. And though after my skin worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God. Whom I shall see for myself, and mine eyes shall behold, and not another; though my reins be consumed within me.

Praying that you're standing on SOLID GROUND today and everyday!! AMEN!

Izzy Herriette & Co/Ginger Renken
The fire’s been burning
Though low the flame
A call for My Church now
To make KNOWN my name!

The flames will rise higher
When my own proclaim
My Son as Savior
Jesus Christ as His Name

Lift His Praise higher
Then higher my saints
Loose yourselves, loose yourselves now
From restraints

Give it all my people
Give it all in this day
Tell the whole world
Of the price He did pay

To open the doors
To heaven again
Tell how HE paid
With His life, for your sin

Then raise it up, raise it up
Lift the standard on HIGH
That all who so choose
Will know how to draw nigh

Then look to ME, look to ME
Keep your eyes gazing up
And soon, very soon
We will once again sup

Together in heaven
We shall all be
So keep your gaze, keep your gaze
Fixed upon ME!!
Keep your gaze, keep your gaze
Fixed upon ME!!

Izzy Herriette & Co/Ginger Renken
5:15 p.m. – Nov 11, 2011
From The Bird’s Eye View
Prophetic Word

Photos this week from new video being produced in answer to article above

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Alright!! From the office of Izzy Herriette & Co ... this week:

Since I can't get videos to upload to this site ... still ...

It appears that we have evolved into a weekly recap of everything that's gone on around here.

We worked more on those Joey Buoy Booklets this week and finished another book in tag form.

We had an "additional message" posted this morning (Sat. Oct 29); speaking more on the subject addressed in the video "Ginger, how RED is that tree?" (Posted on You Tube Channel - Izzy Herriette / Teaching) Worth listening all the way through to!!

This week, the posting of the "prototype t-shirt" came with a digging out of a very old song from years ago with Izzy Herriette & Co.

And this would be that "prototype" ... very prototype image!! This happened to be my husband's "t" that he hung on my tripod and I knew it shouldn't have stayed there. See what happens to anything that hangs around my area for too long?

This we shared because ... I don't remember why. Oh, it was just a prop for the prototype. That's what it was! Yes, that's what it was.

Then there were the beautiful outdoor moments this past week!!

This again, was with that message from this morning!

WATCHMEN ON THE WALL - WHERE ARE YOU? Do read the article on the facebook wall of Izzy Herriette & Co/Ginger Renken.

Ok. I HAVE to share these because they are just so exciting to me!!

My tomorrow "nine year old" Grandson, helped me with this book during his visit this past summer; some of you may recall. He was elated that Grandma actually taught him to use the sewing machine and he actually was allowed to help her sew some of these books together.

Well, we've had a little secret all along, with these little books. Ethan was recorded (he was so honored) reading "author Grandma's" booklet - live. We did a studio set up for him and he was so nervous!! He took it all SO SERIOUSLY! Amazing little boy he is! So ... for his birthday ... Grandma and Grandpa are sending him a CD of photos of his recording, sewing and playing at our house this summer and an actual finished book. His family has no knowledge of this yet. He is going to be SO EXCITED!!

And because you are considered "family" here with us at Izzy Herriette & Co ... we SHARE these things with you!

I am just really liking these colors, textures and everything about this project.

And of course, we can't forget that this is a SERIOUS project, as it is a prophecy given me in March of 2011 - shortly after the earthquake in Japan.

The LORD wanted the message placed in these little books, in hopes that you will get them and place them in a "priority prayer place" that every time you see it, you will be reminded to pray over the message contained within the pages!!

GOD is so SPEAKING to His CHURCH in the earth today!!

For those who have an ear to hear what the Spirit has to say!!

And this may just surprise you but I have found in teaching the content of my 647 page book Manifesto-Before the Cock Crows, that there are people outside of the LORD who are more interested in hearing than those inside!

Well, we will just continue to PRESS forward in EVERYTHING that He's calling us to do ... today and every day!!

We're hoping your weekend is going as well as ours is and that you are communing with Him in everything you do; just as we are!

Our LOVE and BLESSINGS to you and yours! See you next week!