Friday, June 1, 2012

This is somewhat backwards, as I'm trying to bring you up-to-date with Izzy Herriette & Co but...

You are very familiar with the Joey Buoy Booklets by now from my facebook postings, I'm sure.  This booklet contains a Prophetic Poem given me one week after the earthquake in Japan on March 11, 2011.  I have never, before this time, shared the poem with anyone other than my family members and that after the leading of the Lord.  Now, it's time to reveal the book.  

In this new video, I share the poem and also introduce the launching of the new Izzy Herriette & Co Website that will be coming very soon.

(Note:  I should have taken the time to redo this take, as my breathing on this particular day, was greatly impaired!  This is a new "attack of the enemy" on my life and I am standing in faith, activating the Word of God daily over my physical health and we will see the VICTORY!!  Amen.  For time sake and to continue to move forward with everything the LORD has for us to be busy about accomplishing in "this day"; I have chosen to just let this video go out as is for the time being.  Be blessed in being gracious!  Thank you!)

Enjoy and be blessed.

Izzy Herriette & Co
Ginger Renken 

More on the past few months:

This is the God Crazy official Website -

One of Michelle's new books to be released in 2012.

The CTN connection:

The affiliate connection with Station Manager, Al Johnson; wonderful man of God!

 Our other opportunity came with Michelle Borquez Thornton.  Michelle had been a facebook friend for quite some time.  I didn't know her, nor she me but she said something "caught her eye" with all of my postings and she was led to call me.

Our first phone conversation was over an hour long, if I recall correctly now and we learned how much we had in common.

Michelle is launching many new projects this year and we will be a part of most of them:  Bella Women Network (which we talked about having a video blog with), God Crazy Experience (which my daughter and I will be a part of with twenty other women in leadership roles, holding conferences across the nation for women and young girls), Dream, Hope, Love (a foundation for training and mentoring young girls) and Shop Bella Style where we will be consultants (women's on-line clothing shop:

On our way to Dallas!!
In Dallas.
Coffee, coffee!
Almost to Kim Vastine's house, where she hosted eight of the God Crazy Team!  Thank you, Kim and what a wonderful and special woman she is!!
Well, here we are!  At the the studio and readying ourselves for the shoot. 
Michelle, addressing the crew before the shoot.
Holly is acting Assistant Directory for Michelle and all the God Crazy business.
Just ready to "go out the door"...
On May 4th Holly and I ventured, for the second meeting, to Dallas, TX, where we did a photo shoot with the God Crazy Team.  Beautiful, beautiful women of God!!
Photo is dark and blurry because it's from a private, personal camera rather than the professional one being used for these photos.

One - out of the over 600 photos - will be chosen for the front and back covers of God Crazy Freedom.
Sharon and Tabitha after the shoot.

Everyone preparing to leave for lunch.  Tabitha, Sharon and Chana.

Our photographer.


Paige and JoAnn


Michelle, Christal, Kim, Sharon and Tabitha.  Photographer's assistant in background.

JoAnn and Paige.

Holly and myself in front of fountains at the restaurant where we had wonderful lunch and powerful fellowship with the God Crazy Team!!

Wow!  Where does the time go?  I just realized that my last posting on "this" blog was nearly three months ago!

Well, that's just cause for us to take a moment to "CATCH UP'!


What's been happening with Izzy Herriette & Co?

If you recall, I shared that on New Years's Eve of 2012, the Lord spoke to me and said that this year would be a year of "new doors opening" for those who had been following Him closely and waiting patiently for promises to be fulfilled.  The next morning when I logged into my email, I had two wonderful and new opportunities there awaiting me.  Let me share them with you:

One was with an affiliate station with CTN.  They invited me to do four audios and four videos to air for free on their programming for one month, in hopes that it would lead to more programming for Izzy Herriette & Co.  Praise God! (Audios and videos will be posted on our new and soon to be released Website.)

We worked SO diligently and encountered so many difficulties but Praise God, we just continued forward!

And with much experimenting with all new recording...
One of our video settings for CTN - Holly Renken Co-Host, manager, set help, make-up artist and camera.
Our present rendition of Trunk Treasures/Eternal Jewels Sparkling/Teaching Moments with Izzy Herriette & Co
Obviously, we had "lighting issues"!!
Challenges with blurring due to poor lighting.  
How nice it would be to have the professional studio and camera
At the end of the day, we were REWARDED by husband/father with Valentine's Gifts!