Saturday, February 9, 2013

the Rugged Country Collection ... Joey Buoy Booklet and understanding "perfectly" the content thereof!

From Rugged Country / Hanger #6617 / Izzy 'N The Country:

Pages contain a Prophetic Poem given Ginger on March 18, 2011; following Japan earthquake.

The ministry's desire/hope is that these booklets will be placed in a special spot in your home, somewhere in view, as a reminder to pray often over the prophecy contained within.

This is a powerful message to those with an appreciation for the Word of God in written form.

Broadcloth booklets are handmade, every one, by Ginger Renken; each individually and uniquely designed.

Specify design/color for male or female.

Each gift-wrapped in Rugged Country exclusive designer bag/box.

Not too big for little ones and not too little for big ones.!product/productsstackergalleryv20=0

My "baby" (10 year old), said these words to me with such emphasis in a phone conversation just recently, "Grandma, I got a new BIBLE for Christmas and that is SO VERY SPECIAL, because, did you know that there are fifty-two countries in our world today that ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE BIBLES?!!

(Oh, I thank the LORD for answered prayers, that my grandchildren KNOW HIm and that they be instrumental in this last-day-harvest in the Kingdom of God on earth!!_

Izzy Herriette & Co

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