Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Keeping a little more updated this year!

Keeping a little more updated this year!

I wanted to post a video I did yesterday, where I spoke about a probing "belief" I've been seeing posted on the internet a lot lately. I felt truly impressed of the Spirit of God, to share what He has taught me on this subject: Does God Send Trial to the Born Again? - Pt 1 -

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Today however, because so many are "suffering" with not only the effects of the economy, natural disasters and more but many are left with enormous emotional conflict over how to analyze the day in which we are living.; I am choosing to post the video addressing some of these issues, right here on the blog:

I pray that what I share here will uplift your spirit and bring you into the place that I KNOW the LORD desires each of His own to be in "this day"! ~ Izzy Herriette & Co

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